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Eddie Hotaling

Live Sound Engineer

Need an engineer? contact me for availability

I listen. Live sound reinforcement is about more than sound. As an engineer I am part of a team; I am not there to simply mic up instruments and provide a professional mix but to also work with the band, the production staff, the venue staff and the audience. I am all ears at all times.

Every room is unique. Every performance is unique. As an experienced live sound engineer I am aware of the responsibility I am trusted with by the performer as well as by the audience and the venue. My job is balancing: balancing frequencies, dynamics, instruments, voices and rooms; balancing the energy of a live performance with the appropriate volume for the space it's in; balancing the variety of needs of every person in the audience.


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Professional Sound Reinforcement

2010 - present

I am proud to offer professional sound reinforcement for small events with high quality PA equipment from industry leading

brands like Midas, QSC, Turbosound, Sennheiser, and Shure. I am also a musician so I know what bands are looking for and how venues are expecting your band to sound and fit into the atmosphere of their establishment. Please contact me for availability and for a quote, I would love to work with you whether you have a solo acoustic show or full band gig. I will be honest and upfront about what I can provide and what you can expect. I love live music and I would love to work with you and make your show sound great!

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Midas M32R - Professional Mixing Console with 16 channels of Midas PRO mic preamps

(2x) QSC K12.2 - 2,000W 12” active PA Speakers used as Mains

Turbosound iQ18B - 3,000W 18” active Subwoofer

(4x) Turbosound iQ10 - 2,500W 10” active Monitors

QSC  HPR122i - 400W 12” active PA Speaker used as Main or Monitor

Assortment of quality Microphones including:

Shure Beta 52A, SM81, SM57, Beta 57A

Sennheiser e835, MD421, e906, e604

and more 

2010 - present

Music Industry Professional

The most valuable asset to any professional in the music business is experience. I have over a decade of experience that includes a variety of roles and accomplishments.


I graduated with a B.A. in Music Industry (with minors in both Audio Production and Philosophy) from SUNY Oneonta where I developed a strong foundation that I would begin building upon after graduation. Internships at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY and Revolution Hall in Troy, NY introduced me to many practical realities of the industry and led to a job with local sound company, Live Sound, Inc. that provided me with countless valuable experiences working with productions of all shapes and sizes in venues of all shapes in sizes.


I began working with Irish-American rock band Hair Of The Dog and became their FOH engineer where I learned how to mix a variety of instruments in a variety of venues from churches and halls to amphitheaters and festivals.


From 2013 to 2021 I was the FOH engineer for Irish-American rock band Get Up Jack, a 6 piece band that includes 6 vocalists and a variety of instruments including harmonica, banjo, drum kit, electric and upright bass, steel drum and more. With this band I expanded my skill set and have strengthened my ability to work with a variety of consoles and systems in a variety of locations and situations from indoor and outdoor venues from festivals in Kingston, NY, Manchester, VT, Herkimer, NY to pubs and concert halls in Saratoga Springs, NY, Glastonbury, CT and Galway, Ireland.


I have mixed in many local venues including The Linda: WAMC's Performing Arts Studio, Lark Hall, Hart Theatre and Swyer Theatre at The Egg, The Hollow and Parish Public House. Some of the artists I have worked with include Jackie Venson, Mike Love, Stephane Wrembel, Karina Rykman, Wild Adriatic, Raisinhead, The Deadbeats, Girl Blue, Hayes Carll, Titus Andronicus, Mary Gauthier, Garland Jeffreys, Leslie Mendelson, Tinsley Ellis, Upstate Rubdown, Anna Nalick, The Sea The Sea, Emily Wolfe, Lo Faber, Charly Bliss and many more.

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